The Farm Fowl Guide to Rescue Hens

Welcome to the Farm Fowl guide to rescuing hens in Ireland.

This is a guide we have put together to help you learn about all that is involved in rescuing hens.

Commercial Laying Hens

Rescue Hens Ireland – Intro

Rescuing hens gives commercial laying hens a second chance

Rescuing Hens Ireland

The Story of a Rescue Hen

A brief explanation of a rescue hens life, before it is rescued.

Ex-Battery Hens

What to Expect when Rescuing

Before making the decision to rescue hens, it is good to have an idea of what to expect.

Rescuing Ex Battery Hens

Getting ready to care for ex-battery hens

Here’s how to get ready for your rescue hens.

Day One – Bringing Rescue Hens Home

Top Tips for bringing you rescue hens home

Settling Rescue Hens

Week One – Settling Rescue Hens In

The new arrivals will start to adjust quickly.

Feeding Rescue Hens

Feeding Rescue Hens

Keeping food familiar to start with is very important

Health Issues with Rescue Hens

Health Issues in Rescue Hens

Some of the common health issues.

Eggs from Rescue Hens

Eggs from Rescued Hens

Rescued hens can still lay eggs.