The Lucy Starter Pack

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The Lucy Coop complete with starter pack included everything needed to get up and running with keeping chickens quickly.


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Product Description

The Lucy Starter Pack comes complete with everything needed to get up and running with keeping hens quickly!  We can deliver this starter pack quickly to your garden anywhere in Ireland.

The chicken keeping pack comes complete with a chicken coop, all equipment, plus our very own 24 page guide containing lots of helpful information to get you up and running smoothly.

Included in the Lucy Starter Pack is

  • Lucy Chicken Coop (suitable for 8 laying hens)
  • 3kg Poultry Feeder (Helps to keeps feed tidy and reduce spillage)
  • 3lt Poultry Drinker (Keeps water clean – important as water makes it into the egg)
  • 24 Page Guide (Containing all the important information on your new hobby).
  • Quick & free delivery to anywhere in Ireland

This pack is sure not to disappoint you and will get you started in one go.

The Lucy Chicken coop takes about 30 minutes for two people to put together.