The Holly Starter Pack

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The Holly Starter pack contains the Holly Chicken Coop and all of the equipment and supplies to get you up and running with keeping chickens in your garden.

Perfect for two laying hens or three smaller birds.

Optional extension pens are available if you wish to increase the run size of the Holly Coop.  Multiple pens can be purchased to create an even larger pen. (Each extension pen is 62cm long x 56cms wide and 67cms high).



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Product Description

The Holly Coop is an ideal choice if you would like to keep a couple of hens to supply your home with eggs.

Perfect for two laying hens or three smaller birds.

Included in the Holly Starter Pack is:

Holly Chicken Coop (suitable for 2 hens)
3kg Poultry Feeder (Helps to keeps feed tidy and reduce spillage)
3lt Poultry Drinker (Keeps water clean – important as water makes it into the egg)
24 Page Guide (Containing all the important information on your new hobby).
Quick & free delivery to anywhere in Ireland (no longer than 2 to 3 working days)


– Large Laying Box with Easy Access Egg Collection

– Two Roosting Bars for Hens to Sleep on

– Easy Clean Slide Out Tray – Galvanised

– Sliding Access Door to run with handy closing handle

– Fully Felted Waterproof Roof on sleeping area and nesting box

– Ventilation to Coop – For Healthy Hens

– Hinges, Latches & Screws Galvanised or Stainless Steel

– Animal Friendly Wood Stain Preservative

– Delivered Flat Pack – takes about 30 minutes to assemble

– Dimensions – 150cm (L) * 66 cm (W) * 93 cm (H) or 4.92 ft (L) * 2.17 ft (W) * 3.05 ft (H)