Welcome to our May update!

May is here, hopefully, it is brought the weather with it!  I don’t want to tempt faith, but the first few days of the month have been really great.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the fine spell continues!

In our blog this month

We have a handy guide for first-time chicken keepers on our blog.  This guide answers some of the main questions that first-time chicken keepers have and we hope you find it useful.  Here is the link.


Have you visited our learning section?

Chicken keeping is really easy but sometimes we can all do we a little advice.  This is the reason we have created an online learning section on our website.  It is packed with lots of useful information on chicken keeping.  You can visit this section here – The Farm Fowl Guide to keeping chickens.

If you have specific questions or would like us to cover other topics we can always be contacted through the contact us page of our website or our Facebook page.

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