Welcome to our Farm Fowl June update.  Summer feels like is finally here, there are some really beautiful days coming now.  Let’s hope it continues for next few months!

Chickens as pets

Anyone who keeps chickens already knows how great a pet a hen can make.  When making a decision in a new family pet, hens may not come to the top of the list as an obvious choice, in the way a dog, cat or put bunny might.  The truth is, they should as they make fantastic pets and they come with the added benefit of providing a home with lots of tasty fresh eggs!

In our blog this month we explore the very topic of hens as pets a little more in our appropriately titled article, 3 reasons why hens make an excellent family pet.

Summer Flock Care

While water from the sky is not something we want to see a whole lot of at this time of year, a plentiful supply of fresh water for your flock in summer-time is really important.  A normal sized hen will typically drink about half a litre of water per day.  As it’s warmer now, this water consumption can go up.  As a guide, I’d recommend providing one litre per hen per day.  Judge for yourself depending on your flock, just don’t let drinker’s run dry.  Hen’s that become dehydrated for just one day can stop laying eggs for up to 2 weeks, so it’s not only important for your hens, it’s also important for your egg supply.

Providing a shaded area is really important for the flock also and the coop should be located in a shaded area of the garden.

Here’s our handy guide to looking after your chickens this summer.

Summer Chicken Care - Low

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