Product Care

Here is some helpful advice to keep your new chicken coop looking great!

Your coop will arrive treated with an animal friendly base coat of wood preservative and arrives as coloured in the images on our website.

We recommend that you treat your product with a high quality animal friendly varnish or wood preservative within the first month and/or before it comes into contact with any heavy rain and that you re-treat your coop regularly to maintain the applied preservative and water repellent properties.

Please make sure that you use non-toxic animal friendly products.

We recommend the chicken coop is positioned in an area that is well protected and not exposed to the elements, particularly strong sunshine or heavy winds. This is both for the well-being of the chickens and to prolong the life of the coop.

Particular care must be taken to avoid areas of strong wind as this could upturn the coop and result in injury to the chickens and potential damage to the coop. For this reason we recommend that it is placed in a sheltered location.

Our coop is designed to provide as safe as possible of an environment for the chickens. We can only do so much when manufacturing the coop to help with this and ensure the well-being of the coop’s inhabitants. The remaining precautions rest with ensuring the coop is assembled correctly and how it is positioned in your garden.

The chicken coop should be checked daily for signs of damage from such predators and repaired immediately if required.

If you have a dog, or if there is one in the neighbourhood that is not socialised to chickens it is important that it is not allowed in the vicinity of the coop and the chickens until it is familiar with them. An agitated dog can do a lot of damage and can inflict injury or worse on the chickens. There is advice and suggestions on our website to help with socialisation.