Moving Chicks to a Chick Brooder

Chicks are perfect in the incubator for the first 12 to 24 hours after incubation.  During this stage their features will dry and become fluffy looking.Chick Brooder

A brooder is a heated area where the chicks spend the first few weeks of their life.  They need to be kept warm.  This is normally done with the use of an infra-red heat lamp or a chick heating plate within an enclosed area that can be as simple as a card board box.


The bedding in the brooder should be kept clean and clean soft wood shavings make an ideal material for this.

Chick Crumb should be fed in a suitable feeder for the first weeks of life as this contains the nutritional requirements to help the chick grow strong and healthy.

Clean drinking water in a suitable drinker should be provided. Be aware that small chicks can easily drown or be chilled in unsuitable bowls of water.