How to position eggs in an Incubator

Once the incubator is running correctly and has reached stable conditions the eggs can then be added.  Eggs are placed in incubator in one of two ways, either by placing them on their side or by placing them with the round end up.
Eggs should never be placed in the incubator with the pointed egg upwards.  The reason for this is that the air cell is located in the rounded end of the egg.

This following picture shows the positioning choices of eggs in the incubator.

How to position eggs in an incubator

Add all of the eggs carefully and close the incubator.  Incubation now begins and apart from ensuring that the incubator is at the correct temperature and has water to control humidity.  If you incubator is automatic turning nothing else is required until the first egg candling stage.  If it a manual turning incubator, eggs must be turned at least three times daily.