Feeding Baby Chicks

Your new baby chicks can stay in the incubator for around 24 hours after hatching and can survive perfectly fine without food during this time. During the incubation period the chicks will have absorbed all the required nutrients from within the egg and will continue to do so for about 48 hours after hatching.

Once you have moved the chicks from the incubator to the brooder food and water should be available.  Make sure to show each chick where to locate the food.

Chick Crumb

Following years of successfully raising chicks here at FarmFowl, we recommend “Chick Crumb” as the first food offered to your baby chicks. They need a balanced diet and chick crumb contains all the required nutrients to give the chicks a healthy start in life. It should be fed for up to 7 weeks after hatching. After which, other food can be slowly introduced, like layer pellets and other grains


Clean fresh water should always be available and offered in a suitable drinker. It is not advisable to offer water in a dish or bowl as the baby chicks can tip it over and catch a chill from being wet, or even drown in a dish of water. Dip their beaks in the water, so they know where it is.