Egg Incubation in the Classroom

The incubation and hatching of chicks is one of life’s little miracles and not one a lot of people get to experience.  In science fairs or agricultural shows usually the most visited stand will be the one with the hatching eggs, with everyone hoping to catch a glimpse of the chick emerging from the shell.

Incubation in the Classroom?

A rising trend now is egg incubation within the school and playschool environment. Here at FarmFowl we have provided all the necessary equipment required to incubate eggs, to schools all around Ireland, in the form of our incubator starter packs.

Toddlers, children and teenagers alike get to experience the entire process and can be there to witness the chicks hatching. It brings a new level of excitement and anticipation to the school and children will look forward to coming to school to see what stage the chick development is at.

Teachers can encourage students to keep diaries or wall charts charting the development of the chick. Individual or group based projects can be worked on to encourage the students to learn more about chickens and the keeping of them.

Older students can be more involved and even be responsible for finding caring homes for the chicks when they are ready. Even observing the baby chicks hatching can prompt discussions on the care of chickens and views on battery farms.

The “which came first the chicken or the egg” debate will continue forever.   By having being part of the entire process of incubation through to hatching, might enlighten some young people and help them decide which side of the debate they are on!