Here at Farm Fowl we're keen for you to get off to a great start with keeping chickens. We also like to be able to offer back up support along the way. The articles below contain lots of useful information to help you along the way.

Why keep chickens?

Apart the delicious eggs, chickens also make great pets.

Preparing for your chickens

This section has an overview of what is involved.

Choosing your chickens

There is more than one type of chicken. Learn more here.

Settling your chickens in

Here’s how to introduce your new chickens to the coop and garden.

What do chickens like to eat?

What do chickens like to eat?

Chickens eat a balanced diet called Layers Pellets (or mash).

Looking after your chickens

Chickens are easy to keep with just a little care.

Where to buy chickens?

Here is some advice on buying chickens.

Cleaning the chicken coop

Keeping the chicken coop nice and clean is important. It takes just a few minutes.

Hatch Your Own Chicks

It’s very easy to hatch your own chicks at home or in a school. Here’s how.

Clipping a chicken’s wings

Clipping a chicken’s wings is normally not something that is required, but it is something that comes in very handy at times.

Chickens and other pets

Lots of people keep chickens and other pets such as cats or dogs.

Apple Cider Vinegar for chickens

Apple cider vinegar for chickens

Apple cider vinegar can be great for chickens health.

Chickens In Winter

Winter chicken keeping tips.

Rescue Hens Ireland

Rescuing Hens in Ireland

A guide to rescuing ex-battery hens in Ireland.

Guide to egg incubation

Guide to Egg Incubation

A Guide to Egg Incubation