FebruaryWelcome to our February update!   The days are already starting to lengthen and we’re closing the chicken coop doors a little bit later.  It’s great to be heading towards Spring from this perspective alone.

Things are pretty busy here at Farm Fowl as we put the final touches on our 2018 season plans and looking forward to revealing some changes over the coming weeks.

Orders Delivery Quickly to anywhere in Ireland

We dispatch orders daily.  Orders received before noon, leave us that very day.  If you order later in the day it leaves us the following day.  Our courier then delivers in the following days.  If you need to check on your order don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rachel in our office who will be very happy to help.

Hatching Season

As the days are now starting to lengthen and we’re beginning to see the milder days, we’re now moving into the hatching season.  February is a great time to get started with hatching chicks.  We can supply everything needed to hatch out your very only chirping chicks including any advice needed.

Breeding Flock Health – Making sure that your breeding flock are in good health is important, and treating them mites and worms is really important.  Also, it is a good time to give them some multi-vitamins.  It’s also a great time to give the hen house a really good cleaning throughout.

Egg Incubators & Brooders – Egg Incubators are a great way of hatching chicks.  Our incubators can help you turn an egg into a chick in just 21 days.  If you have any questions just get in touch using the details on the Contact Us section.

New Chicken Netting

We have a great product called chicken coop extension pens.  It’s designed to allow you to keep your chickens where you want them.  It can also be used to keep chickens out of a prized flower bed or off a patio area and can be set out in lots of different shapes.  It comes as a complete kit and is currently on offer for just €79.  More details can be found by clicking here.  This netting is available in two versions 12-meter kit and a 21-meter kit.  Both come with everything required to create the pen including a very easy to use access gate.